This is a good article showing how to check a link BEFORE you click it.


How To Check If A Link Is Safe To Click

On the internet you will barely find a place without any kind of reference in the form of hyperlinks – or links in short. They will lead you to another page and you’ll not always be able to reliably tell its destination.

This can sometimes even be dangerous in regard to data security and identity theft.

But how can we find out if a link is safe to click on or not?

You might have heard about it at some point or another: “Be careful about what you click on” or “don’t click on that link, it’s a fraud”. While saying that, your counterpart might even have slightly rolled their eyes.

Not being on used to the things you should watch out for on the internet is not a crime, though. And be assured: Those mistakes happen to other people all the time.

Maybe you’re just not affine to computers, but that’s totally fine. Next time, you’ll be the expert!

But how can you tell, if a link is leading you where you intend to go or somewhere else?

Do you know how to check is a link is safe to click? Fortunately there are a number of ways to find out. Learn how to check if a link is safe to click!

Read more about this at the source by clicking here: How to Check If a Link Is Safe to Click | TeamViewer Blog

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