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Having access to Glenn’s expertise and integrity is a blessing;  no trips to the big box stores for time wasting and money consuming diagnosis and repair.  Glenn serviced my previous computer; I bought my current laptop, monitor and other needed accessories from him.  Thanks always for the TLC!


June 10, 2012

Thank you so much Glen our computer is working a 100% better than it was before you worked on it. You did a great job we are very thankful and thrilled to have met you, especially for the fact we can trust you. I highly would recommend your service.


June 14, 2009

Glen has been quite the magician over the past few years. Has helped this guard out a lot. thanks buddy.


January 27, 2013

Glen, Once again you amaze me with your knowledge. Thanks for the upgrade and Bill Pay advice. I’m loving this. I would recommend you to the White House if I could.


November 11, 2013

My computer is now running better than the day I bought it. Glen was able to take a very cheap computer and turn it into a top of the line. Never felt more secure about owning a computer knowing I have someone who can walk me through anything.


April 28, 2009

My web site was old and outdated. looked awful and was hard for people to view and move around in it. thanks to glenn i now have a very professional looking web site that is user friendly and has increased my hits and contacts tremendously. the comments i have recieved are outstanding. thank you for your profeesional help.


April 5, 2010

Great products,service and prices found at Rocket Internet Security. Thanks


January 10, 2009

Honest Professional and timely service is what I received from RIS. Its good to be able to receive service from someone that takes time to listen and explain your computer problems in plain English. My computers are running great and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone needing this type of help. A POSITIVE ATTITUDE CREATES A POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT


July 30, 2009

Great advice and service including purchases and installation from Rocket Internet Security. The extra effort and time spent to explain and review products and software to the entire family were very useful… thank you.


December 1, 2008

Glen has always been Professional, Knowledgeable, Reliable


June 18, 2014

I was having problems will my computer, but no more, I have had the pleasure of find a great company like Rocket internet Security to service my computer, love that they are willing to come to my home when ever I have a problem with my computer, but I have also had the support over the phone as well and I am very pleased.


August 18, 2008

The service I received from RIS was incomparable to any other. My computer has never run better or faster. Reliable, knowledgeable and there for any questions I have. I will never call anyone else!


September 8, 2010

I had some serious computer viruses and quite frankly did not have a clue what to do about it. Then a co-worker recommended Rocket Internet Security. I called not knowing what to expect. After that first call to Rocket I breathed a huge sigh of relief. Glenn from Rocket laid out a plan of action complete with time frames, expectations and pricing. All within my means. I can rest assured now that if I have any future problems Rocket Internet Security is capable of handling them without me going broke.


August 27, 2009

As always Glen was right there ready to fix any and all problems. For the best service (and fastest) call RIS.


May 9, 2012

Without a doubt RIS is the absolute best. My computer has never been so fast and so safe. I look forward to the monthly newsletters and have great piece of mind knowing fast help is only a phone call away. I highly recommend RIS to all my friends and will continue to do so.


January 17, 2008

Being pretty much ‘computer illiterate’ I am so very grateful to Glen. We purchased our Dell laptop from him and he has helped us out several times. He is very helpful and reasonable. He is a excellent man to do business with. Thank you, Glen.


February 28, 2014

Once again Glenn saved us. We were on our way out the door to a scholarship dinner and my son had to print his 1st semester grades to bring with us. Of course we had problems with the printer. We called Glenn and had the printed copy in our hands in about 7 minutes. In my son’s words “He’s awesome!” Thank you Glenn for being you 🙂


January 9, 2014

It’s great to find a company that treats you as family


May 12, 2014

We bought a computer from Glenn and it works wonderful. He was here on time and installed it for us. Showed us how to operate it and it is the best computer and works perfect. Will not go to anyone else, planning on buying a laptop and will definitely buy it from him.


February 26, 2011

Thank you so much for fixing my son’s mini. He is so happy and I’m happy with how fast you fixed it because a 12 year old cant survive without his laptop lol. thanks again.


May 1, 2013

Our computer died and come to find out from Rocket Internet that the motherboard blew on it. We bought another computer from Rocket Internet and it was just what we needed and it works like a champ. They came out, installed it and reviewed the new Windows 7 operating system with my wife and I(no charge). He was here for 2 hours and was so very helpful and I will go to no one else other than Rocket Internet. Very professional and awesome service. He was right on time and we are very happy.

M & CC

July 13, 2010

My computer was on the fritz for some time now. Thanks to Glenn, its now running as good as the day I got it. This guy is great to work with, and really knows his stuff. Highly recommended!


December 20, 2009

I was quite pleased and impressed with the professionalism and knowledge that Glenn has. Glenns knowledge was incredible. He made my old dinosaur of a computer operate as if I just purchased it yesterday. He saved me alot of money to where I didnt have to go out and buy a whole new computer. I would recommend RIS to anyone. Once again thanks Glenn


August 2, 2009

Thank you Glen my computer is running great and it is all thanks to you. Amazing I live in Vegas and you were there for me.


May 3, 2009

RIS was such a big help. My computer was running slow and filled with viruses, my pc is now running like the day I bought it. Great service at a great price !!!!!


April 15, 2009

Just wanted to tell you, i love my new computer. Thank you all of your help. I have been spreading the word of how helpful and reasonably priced you are.


July 9, 2008

I was having problems will my computer, but no more, I have had the pleasure of find a great company like Rocket internet Security to service my computer, love that they are willing to come to my home when ever I have a problem with my computer, but I have also had the support over the phone as well and I am very pleased.


June 19, 2008

I was having trouble with my computer for a long time….used text support many times….my daughter recommended Glenn….he came over to take a look and made suggestions…no pressure,very professional and helpful…..I chose to get a new laptop and I am so delighted….service is great too…thanks Glenn!


April 6, 2010

What a phenomenal difference in the performance of my laptop after my “tune-up”! Response time is excellent! I’m thrilled with the results! Would recommend this company in a heartbeat!!!!!


June 3, 2012

Thanks so much for your help! You are always prompt, friendly, and efficient with “our” time. I love the convenience and the professionalism! The best computer help ever!! I would recommend this service to anyone!


May 14, 2009

Glen is the best, his service was outstanding. My computer has never run this well, its great! I now have my very own computer go to guy, I highly recommend. Glen and his service to everyone, no need to go anywhere else.


July 20, 2012

In today’s computer age, it great to find a computer genius that actually speaks english. Glen is not only a great computer guy to have around, he is also a great guy period. Any time I have a problem, all I have to do is call and he is there for me. Thanks Glen.


October 6, 2014

I had two computers, on a Dell All-In-One that was experiencing blue screen crashes and a Laptop that was running very very slow, I brought both to Rocket Internet and Glenn work both computers and now they are running great, running like new again.  Thanks Glenn.


July 1, 2015

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me out with my laptop-and so quickly! Your great service is appreciated!


July 15, 2011

My computer had just about stopped working so my sister-in-law suggested I call Rocket Internet Security. I called and spoke with Glenn that night and by morning it was fixed! I was so impressed with Glenns speedy response, not to mention being kind, courteous and patient. Thank you, Glenn – its so refreshing to have a service with no hassles. I am telling everyone about you!


July 24, 2009

Glenn is great, super helpful, can’t recommend him enough!


January 12, 2012

I must say your company was a great investment in my home computer. i will refer you to any one looking for help


April 29, 2009

This has been a great experience……The computer speed is so fast…..Glen has been so helpful…and it’s nice to have someone who has patience.


January 24, 2012

Thanks so much for the GREAT service…I’ll never have to worry again about any computers in my home!


November 10, 2008

What a great service for all computer needs. Whether it be sales, tech support or just a simple question, RIS is there for you. Just want to say Thank you. Keep up the good work.


March 30, 2009

Glen it is so nice to have you at the end of my phone line you are always so professonal and courteous except for our political same views we also have fun thanks again for all your help good season for the soxs thank you again.


April 14, 2009

I am slow to learn with today’s technology. when my computer underwent a destructive restore, over 12,000 pictures of my family and friends vanished with a click of a button. I contacted a reputable computer outsource, namely Rocket Internet Security. with their help, I was able to reconfigure and recover my data which I thought were gone forever. Many thanks folks.


May 15, 2008

These guys are the BEST! They expanded my personal PC’s functionality to include a laptop & wireless network for an internet business opportunity. They were there to advise, assist and help me navigate the pitfalls associated with growing and expanding one’s use of their computing needs. Technical assistance was never a problem either. I received personal phone calls, custom searched software patches to fix the “glitch” that came my way. No question went unanswered; no snag left unraveled. Most of all, I feel like a friend and am certainly thankful for the guidance and work provided. Thank you once again for being THE professional team to solve the un-solvable for me!!


April 10, 2008

I had a laptop completely die on me. After talking with the manufacturers support group, they recommended a new motherboard. I talked with Glenn and he offered to take a peek at it. Now instead of a $600 bill for a new motherboard, or a new laptop, I picked up my laptop running as good as new for peanuts……. Thanks, Glenn. I will tell everyone i know about RIS. You are absolutely the best.


November 18, 2009

Last year we had Glen update our home computer and install all the bells and whistles to keep our computer virus protected. He added many new features that I am enjoying. He is always just an email away. Best of all he is local and very knowledgeable. He recently worked on our daughter and son’s computer and they are back online and everyone is happy. I would give him a 5 star rating with 5 being the highest for good performance and service.


January 31, 2011

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